Distribution and Data Sharing

The researchers in the Conte Center have a strong history of sharing data, model organisms, biological materials, and tools.


Biological materials generated as part of the Center may serve as research resources for other investigators. These include clones, Lentiviral RNAi constructs, compounds used in the high-throughput screening (Project 3), and generation of mutant mice. Consistent with NIH policy, all model organisms and other biomaterials will be made available upon publication of their initial description. At present, model organisms may be obtained through Neuromice.org or by contacting Dr. Martha Vitaterna (m-vitaterna@northwestern.edu). Other biomaterials may be obtained by contacting the investigator directly.


Table of variants for Project 6: PDF, DOC


The Biomathematics and Engineering Core is exploring means to make a data repository accessible to interested researchers. For more information contact Mike Wellems (mwellems@northwestern.edu)