Core 2: Biomathematics and Engineering Core

Dr. David Ferster, Core Director and Michael Wellems, Assistant Core Director

Directed by David Ferster (Northwestern) and Mike Wellems (Northwestern), the Biomathematics and Engineering Core will provide advanced, highly-customized analytical and statistical support to the research projects of the proposed NIMH Conte Center, will guide the engineering of the experimental infrastructure, and will ensure that data collection is robust, available, and archived. The primary role of this core will be to provide investigators and projects of the Conte Center for Neuroscience Research with state-of-the-art support re: development and implementation of necessary analytical software, design and fabrication of highly specialized experimental apparatuses related to circadian discovery, development and management of data repositories, as well as all computational support activities for Center projects. This core will be responsible for (i) developing, refining, implementing, and interpreting the quantitative strategies for analysis of gene array expression profiles and time series data acquired during observation of the broad diversity of experimental observables that will arise, (ii) collaboration with center investigators to advise and consult on modeling, data analysis, and experimental design relative to the specifics required for tangible progress of the Conte Center’s research mission, (iii) the supervision of construction and ongoing maintenance of materials and implementation of technology necessary to the design and development of experimental infrastructure, and (iv) the integration of the iterative data collection mechanisms into the systems design as a whole.